SEO (Searchengine Optimization)


Search Engine Opmtimization or SEO means optimizing a website for the search engines. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and is slightly different as the clients will have to pay per click or pay a fee to advertise on other websites, while SEO is optmization for the natural (non-payable, organic) result-list.

To explain you how SEO works, we have to explain how search engines function : Many internetusers consult a search engine like Google, MSN and Yahoo, to search for specific information. The search engines lists all existing websites that are related to the user's query or keyphrase. A search for the word 'computer' wouldl list thousands of websites related to computers. Websites that rank on top of that list (high rankings), will be more consulted then other websites. So in the example of the word 'computer', it is logical that every computerstore wishes to be listed as one of the first websites, so that they get more visitors and more potential buyers.

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